Executive Education

PepsiCo's Top Talent Acquires New Leadership Skills at Chicago Booth

“A 10 out of a 10,” said PepsiCo Inc.’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, Hugh F. Johnston, ’87, regarding Chicago Booth’s custom tailored program for PepsiCo top talent.

PepsiCo, a leading global food and beverage company with world-renowned household brands, sought to bolster the leadership skills of its senior talent with a high-impact leadership program.

As a Chicago Booth graduate himself, Johnston understood the value of the Booth curriculum and the Booth faculty. “I wanted to make sure that we gave our top talent leadership development, because leadership is something that you can learn,” Johnston said.

Using The Chicago Approach™, the Chicago Booth Executive Education team set forth to develop a customized program that met the unique needs of PepsiCo. The unique program architecture had three main components with specific learning objectives. 

  • Build critical leadership skills

  • Sharpen functional expertise

  • Apply through action learning

The program included teaching responsiveness in a swift-changing business world through inquiry and pragmatic insights. Actionable tools included discovering one’s personal leadership style, multi-dimensional problem solving, and motivational methods. The course was taught through lectures, discussions, and small-group interactions allowing relationship building among peers as well.

The lasting impact was powerful. “Our participants were just overwhelmingly positive about the program, and frankly, I’ve seen a difference in their performance as they’ve come back,” Johnston said.

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